With its numerous beaches, walks and excursions, Paleochora is a popular holiday destination for families and singles. However, the holiday only becomes truly enjoyable through new experiences and encounters.

Whether you want to learn Greek, cooking or do something good for your body with Yoga and Tai Chi – it’s simply more fun together in a small group of relaxed people and without pressure to perform.
Children and teenagers are also welcome to join.


A mixture of Hui-Chun Gong, Pilates, Hatha Yoga and Feldenkrais. I am more interested in relaxed body experience than in progressing in the yoga positions. There is nothing to achieve, but many new experiences.



Tai Chi

Daoist movement art strengthens body, mind and soul. It is more meditation than sport. The movements are simple and can be performed by anyone.




On our terrace in Anidry, we cook together, with love and attention, sustainably, with local products and an insight into Daoist food teachings. Afterwards, we eat and sway.




It is always nice to know a few words and small phrases in the local language, to learn more about the culture and history of Crete. Learning can also be fun.

I will show you, adapted to your level of knowledge and your wishes, how you can communicate even better in Greek and thus dive deeper into the secrets of tradition and culture.


About me

Hello, I am Susi! I been living here in Paleochora for almost forty years.

In summer I work as a cook, in winter I teach and write books for young people. I love Crete, the cooking. The Daoist philosophy and art of movement, the dance and the simple life.

Now I would like to share my classes and workshops with you in summer too.